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Why Haomei

Following are some of the main reasons why our esteemed customers have selected Haomei aluminium sheet:

Specialize on manufacturing only aluminium produces .

Capacity to manufacture 200,000 metric ton aluminum sheet, strip and foil.

Commitment to serving clients as their solution partner.

Continuous R&D activities to assist haomei in maintaining its leadership in the industry.

our aluminum sheet/plate, aluminum ROPP cap materials, aluminum circle and aluminum tread plate with good quality and competitive price

Out sourcing parts and equipment with proven quality, dependability and performance only from internationally recognized and approved manufacturers.

Strict quality control at every stage of production under ISO, CE standards.

Special design, offering savings in transportation of plants to job sites.

Plant assembly assistance and operator training provided to plant operators by highly experienced supervisors.

Short delivery and assembly time.

Always available spare parts and fast-delivery service to any job site around the world.

Plant automation system support from a central office.

Repeated orders from previous clients.

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