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Haomei Human Resources Policy

Today, customer expectations for quality, in terms of diversity and intensive, contain alive and active features. We know that the way of meeting these expectations is only provided by following latest international developments and renewing the quality of our products constantly.

The responsibility of everyone working in any department from production to presentation of the product is required to achieve the quality..

Each individual within the organization has to understand the importance of quality and has to reach it.

Our company aims providing customer is satisfaction, obtaining benefits for society and their own staff in long term. Haomei has adopted in principle a management style focusing on quality and based on employee participation. The organizations willing lasting success has to create a strong culture of union. Our studies are going on in our enterprise in which such a union is created in order to improve customer satisfaction year by year. Human Resources Job Application Form

Our Company policy aims at providing employment opportunity to all persons without discrimination due to gender, race, color, religion, age, national origin or disability. Your application will be maintained on our database for 3 years, please send us email at august@haomei-aluminium.com.

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