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Vision & Mission

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Haomei Vision

Collaborate with the first-rate suppliers, strengthen ourselves by upgrading products, improving innovation and learning from the successful sales strategies, absorb elite, build a world famous enterprise through the joint effort of all our employees.

Haomei Mission

Quality product in order to provide more functional and advantageous aluminium sheet to our customers.

Customer-focused growth strategy targeting full satisfaction.

To offer special solutions to our clients in the field of aluminium sheet with our professional staffs.

Without compromising of quality, to develop long term and lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers based on trust.

In addition to protecting our leadership in domestic market, to be a recognized and preferred company in the world market.

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Haomei principle

Haomei is determined to proceed with its business based on the following principle. Ensure that all the employees comply with this principle and make the principle prevail throughout the group companies. If any event against this principle should occur, we would elucidate the cause and take action for the prevention of recurrence.

We will develop and offer socially useful products and services to gain the customers satisfaction and confidence.

We will extensively communicate with investors, and other people in the society, supplying them with our corporate information actively, timely and properly.

As good corporate citizens, we will actively promote and sponsor social action programs.

We respect the personality, individuality, and diversity of employees working in our group. We will provide a safe and comfortable working environment so that our employees can maximize their performance.

We will carry on fair, transparent, and free competitions and conduct reasonable transactions.

Management Philosophy

Haomei advances its business by providing environmentally sound aluminum products that contribute to the community under the guidance of our management philosophy.

Haomei develops and supplies products and services that satisfy our customers in order to enhance corporate value and contribute to improving society.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we work toward establishing a sustainable society.

We value workers highly and seek to help them realize their full potential.

We demonstrate corporate integrity by operating in accordance with ethical business standards and fully complying with prevailing laws and regulations.

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